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How innovation supports business & sustainable tourism development

Aktualisiert: 7. Okt. 2020

Crossblades - an innovative and trendy winter sport tool

Innoreg supports innovative solutions for a sustainable future, creating synergies between enterprises and local development. INVENTRA AG a small company in Thun (Switzerland) has developed innovative snowshoes, which enable interested public to experience new adventures in the natural landscapes. The Crossblades will attract individualists, seeking to escape mass tourism and to practice sports in the snowy landscape in spite of the COVID insecurity.

Innovation supports Enterprises and Winter Sports Destinations

  • Innoreg engages in Inventra projects with Social Media analysis and action planning. Experiences, stories and perceptions of Crossblade practitioners are evaluated, simultaneously innovation promoted und sport fans sensitized for a new dimension of snowshoeing.

  • With the innovative snowshoes and the new orientation of the Inventra Company, a small enterprise in de pre-alpine landscape, will be fostered, creating new job opportunities and value added at local level.

Innovation creates synergies, enhances the local development as well as the enterprises, and helps to achieve the sustainability targets in the socio-economic development.

Why are Crossblades trendy?

Crossblades offer:

  • unique experiences in the nature and opens ideally snowy landscapes,

  • individual sport practices with high fun factor,

  • activities far from the hype on slopes and cable cars,

  • no Covid-19 security measures and uncertainties regarding opening of cable car or ski lift operations,

  • flexibility in cases of uncertain snow conditions, lack of snow or closed slopes,

  • opportunities to join Crossblade tours or to practices the sport individually or in small groups

  • more interesting opportunities, due to the use of the same tool for rising as well for descending, no walking down anymore,

  • to hikers to use their own equipment (boots, trousers, jackets) to explore and enjoy the winter landscape on hidden trails.

  • alternatives to skiers to experience deep and untouched snow far from slopes and ski runs.

What are Crossblades?

Crossblades combine the experiences of snowshoeing and skiing. The snowshoe hikers do not have to walk down in the deep snow anymore. Crossblades are easily transformable from snowshoes to skis. No particular shoes are needed. Crossblades can be used either as soft boots with hiking boots or climbing boots or as hard boots with skiing boots.

Arriving at the summit, the Crossblades surface texture can be easily changed from rising to descending.

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