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Arbostora Heritage Destination

A recently started project Arbostora Heritage Destination focusses on the creation of a sustainable tourism destination for the Arbostora...

Success with Social Media Action Planning

Tourism organisations and other tourism responsible are frequently not aware of the importance of social media or are simply not sure how to

Mit Social Media Aktions-Planung zum Erfolg

Tourismus Organisationen oder Verantwortliche sind sich oft der Wichtigkeit der Social Media nicht bewusst oder wissen nicht, wie sie erfolg

The "new normality" for SMEs

Back to „business as usual“ is not possible anymore - Corona has initiated multiple changes and its effects will be present for quite some t

Linking Business and Territorial Development

INNOREG closes the Gap Do you want to achieve more impact? Are you at a point of transformation? Are you seeking change and innovation?

Over/Under Tourism

Too much or too little? Recognise trends! Strategic Key Factors in Visitor Management In the past years over and under tourism caused...

Tourismus - zuviel | zuwenig

In den vergangenen Jahren hat „Over/Under Tourism“ zu dramatischen Auswirkungen auf das Kultur- und Naturerbe geführt. Die extremsten Folgen

Tought-provoking ideas for a changing world

Extraordinary brain food and inspiring reflections presented by Paul Schafer regarding the “cultural personality” has been published end...

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