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Social Media Action Planning with Innoreg

Are you aiming at:

  • establishing social media plans and strategies for your business, organization, tourism destination, product/service,

  • making the most of your presence on social media,

  • amplifying impact and communicating values?

Curious to know your impact on social media?

Innoreg has established a methodology to analyse the presence on social media. We understand that each of our customers is unique and therefore, there is no universal solution that fits all. Each step of the Social Media Action Planning is curated accordingly to the values and wishes of each of our customers.

Social Media Action Planning is suitable for any type of businesses, organizations, tourism destinations. In terms of tourism, it serves as tool towards more sustainable practices for destinations that face overcrowding. And not only these! It is also suitable for destinations with the need for tourism development.

8 Steps of Social Media Action Planning

Our methodology is used to evaluate media and analyse presence of businesses, organizations, products/services, tourism destinations, etc. on social media. Visualization enables interpretation of the analysis outcomes, serves to track changes and supports informed decision-making processes.

Social Media Strategy and 5W Action Plan combine online and offline tools to support businesses in amplifying impact and communicating values across diverse social media platforms - and much more. Goals, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and Monitoring go BEYOND the number of followers or likes. They are identified for each customer – just like all the other steps of the Social Media Action Planning presented in the infographic.

Social Media Action Planning – for businesses, organizations, destinations.

Contact us:

Andela Sormaz & Engelbert Ruoss, 22 August 2020

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