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Success with Social Media Action Planning

Tourism organisations and other tourism responsible are frequently not aware of the importance of social media or are simply not sure how to use successfully social media. Challenges differ from creating and maintaining an online community, to communicating with partners to dealing with issues related to visitors management.

Social Media Action Planning (SMAP) applied by Innoreg, offers support to clients to develop strategies and action plans to address tourism management and marketing communication issues. SMAP combines understanding of social media dynamics, analysis, and a data-driven approach to management and marketing.

Social Media Action Planning (SMAP) can be applied to:

  • distinguish between overcrowded and less-visited destinations (so called “over- and undertourism” destinations),

  • understand Visitor Flows (VFs),

  • define and implement Visitor Flow Management (VFM) within unbalanced tourism destinations,

  • support limiting the access,

  • understand heritage spots at risk and organize security staff accordingly,

  • reduce impact of tourism to heritage areas,

  • communicate heritage values and make hidden treasures (i.e. less-known spots) visible through social media,

  • understand level of tourism-related businesses’ presence on social media,

  • develop tourism-related businesses,

  • understand the evolution of impacts and changes:

  • retirement of glaciers,

  • deterioration and reconstruction of heritage ruins,

  • changes (positive and negative) in the quality of tourism businesses, products and services

Social Media Action Planning (SMAP) is divided into 8 steps, engaging tourism and heritage destination management in understanding their destinations and the clustering of products.

  1. Evaluation of social media platforms

  2. Analysis of each platform (according to already established methodology)

  3. Visualization of outcomes

  4. Social media strategy creation (long- and short-term goals)

  5. 5W Action Plan

  6. Identification of relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  7. Implementation of action plans

  8. Periodic monitoring (impact assessment)

This approach is story-led and community- and interaction-centered.

Would you like to implement and benefit from SMAP? Innoreg offers external advice for destinations and businesses on how to improve their presence in social media and make the most out of it. Contact:

SMAP was presented in a former Innoreg blog and published by A. Sormaz at USI-Università della Svizzera italiana.

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