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Online Pop-up Networking

"Networking" is more than ever a key factor for SMEs and has undergone a significant change in 2020.

The corona crisis has given online networking a leap in development with entirely new dimensions. Events with specialist contributions and subsequent "Aperos" were suspended and replaced by virtual meetings. Home office is recommended again!

Small businesses that have still not or very little dealt with online networking should urgently and increasingly orientate themselves in social media in order to find and connect to the networks that are suitable for them. The following aspects should be considered in particular.

  1. Network selection - Existing networks - just like in the real world, it is important to find the online networks that are relevant for us personally as well as for business purposes. Technology, Markets or other reasons can be decisive here. - observe the development of networks and make adjustments if necessary - Pop-up networks - recognize new relevant networks and "jump up" in time. "Pop-up networks" appear quickly and are relations of convenience that come together out of an emergency or due to a special occasion and begin to develop activities. A good example is the recently formed special network of winter tourism destinations "Switzerland is skiing",("die Schweiz fährt Ski"). For winter tourism oriented companies and persons that would be just the perfect moment to jump in.

  2. Network maintenance and presence - Create meaningful profiles - Select network contacts and check them for relevance from time to time - Form heterogeneous network contacts - Homogeneous network contacts are not conducive to interaction and catching attention.

  3. Network activities - Know your target audience and their needs - own contributions - "post" regularly and pay attention to "focus less on you, more on them" - Comment on other users' contributions

  4. Networks in complex situations Networks in large international companies and NGOs require special skills and resources. Specialised software apps enable know-how networks, spontaneous task forces and global project teams to be formed and monitored

Social media have become extremely important for SMEs. Information gathering and personal exchange of opinions are increasingly taking place on social media.

"At the same time, the use of online and social media substantially increased in most countries" (Reuters Institute - Digital News Report 2020")

Surveys conducted by bitkom Research 2020 show that over 30% of social media users are increasingly posting their own stories and comment on other users' contributions. Information quickly finds its way into a large number of networks.

Many companies are still very reluctant to use virtual networks. They are still busy with the traditional methods that made their businesses a success. New mindset patterns and skills are urgently needed.

Coaches with special expertise support board of directors and management in questioning their old patterns and changing them sustainably. They are a sparring partner and represent a neutral second opinion.

Klemens Ruoss, 19.10.2020




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